Coral/Peach Liquid Candle Dye 1 oz

  • $2.99

Highly concentrated liquid dyes dissolve readily into waxes including paraffin, vegetable waxes and gel. .05% is equivalent to 7 drops of dye per pound of wax and will yield a medium shade. One ounce of dye will color approximately 125 lbs of wax at the .05% level, and up to 625 lbs at the .01% level. By mixing the various dyes, you can produce an infinite number of colors. The colors shown are approximations and actual results will vary with the wax and additives used. We cannot guarantee precise results under all circumstances, so experimentation and careful note-taking are encouraged.

Bottles include glass pipet dropper for convenient handling.

These dyes have a characteristic smell to them due to being highly concentrated, but it is usually undetectable in finished scented candles when used at normal concentrations.

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