About Us

Peak Fragrance Company is a small, start-up company committed to bringing you outstanding fragrance oils for candles, soaps, personal care products, and all of your hand-crafted creations.

Meet the staff:

Alan Wallace



  • An expert in the hand-crafted candle making industry.
  • Has devoted thousands of hours sharing freely-available educational materials for safe candle making.
  • Founded the largest online community for professional candle makers and hobbyist to share information and learn from each other.
  • Over 15 years experience as President of Peak Candle Supplies.
  • Extensive sensory research experience from the world-renowned Institute for Sensory Research @ Syracuse
  • Syracuse University: Bio-engineering and Neuroscience.
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver: Chemistry and Biology.
  • Possesses a unique understanding of sensory mapping as it pertains to our olfactory system.


Alan is the only staff member, and Peak Fragrance Company is a one-person operation. He sometimes enlists the help of his kids to fulfill orders. Alan plans to keep this business small and personal.

Alan was the founder of Peak Candle Supplies, which is no longer in operation. His focus is now on growing Peak Fragrance Company.

Peak Fragrance Company's mission is to continue providing Peak's outstanding fragrance oils to our loyal crafters and artisans. All formulations are unchanged.