Which fragrance oils are coming back?

Posted by Alan Wallace on

I am often asked "Are you bringing back my favorite scent? If so, when?"

The short answer is "Yes." We are planning to bring back every fragrance in our portfolio. We've been doing it in small steps, though. We are unable to bring back everything all at one time. It takes labor and working capital, which are both in limited supply. We are a much smaller company, now.

We are adding small groups of fragrances each week. Priority is going to those fragrance oils that have the highest demand. We measure that demand in a number of ways. 

You can help us shape what comes back soonest by signing up for email notifications from the individual web pages for each fragrance oil. Fragrances with the highest number of notification sign-ups are given priority. Production time for each fragrance is about two weeks. If you sign up for notifications, you will be notified as soon as something is added back to inventory.

I also get asked about wax quite often. We don't have plans to bring in wax this year because we are limited on space, and we don't have the proper fire suppression systems in place to store quantities of wax.

Based on projections, I'm anticipating that 90% of our fragrance portfolio will be back in-stock by fall. We appreciate everyone's patience as we find our way forward.

Kind regards,
Alan Wallace


  • I ha e been with you since the beginning when you had a paper catalogue you would send lol! Some 15 years give or take. Glad ur back. I miss the 2oz bottle of oils ( it’s all I will buy) and the candle soap recipes. I don’t know what happened. I’m here with u since you came back with 2 or 3 oils for inventory. Good luck and tons of good juju too you all.

    Andrea. Coviello on

  • Hi! So good to find Blackberry Sage back in stock! As well as Red Clove! These are 2 of my favorites, and favorites of my customers. I don’t see Cabernet Grape yet. Do you plan to restock that?

    Susan on

  • So glad to find you’re back! I’ve missed Peak Candle Supply so much! Best wishes in your re-launching process!

    Rebecca Schraffenberger on

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